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Hilltip Spreader dealers at their display at a trade show for snow removal professionals.

Hilltip Spreaders

Hilltip is a leading European manufacturer of winter road maintenance equipment for trucks, tractors, UTVs and more.

Our products are designed, engineered and manufactured in our factory in Finland and distributed worldwide. Head office and production are located in Pietarsaari, Finland and our two subsidiaries, Hilltip Corporation based in Indiana, USA, and Hilltip GmbH in Germany.

How did Hilltip become a leader in the snow & ice Industry?

Firstly, the only way to truly get experience of and industry is by actually doing what you’ll have to do in the real world, in other words experience harsh winters 6 month out of the year, year after year. Secondly, the long term experience in the real snow & ice industry with contractors. Made us develop the most efficient and durable products to combat harsh winter conditions we live in. Thirdly, the state of the art technology in the products and most importantly the high quality components. Made the real difference in developing our long term relationship with our customers.

On the North American market we offer our popular and advanced Salt Spreaders with sizes from 4.5 cu.ft up to 6.0 cu.yd.

Available technology includes:

  • Ground speed control

  • Liquid only units

  • Combi units have liquid storage inside no need for
    additional tanks

  • Spray at spinner or direct to pavement with a spray bar

  • GPS tracking and geo-fencing track applications and
    materials to your sites.

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