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Packaged Original Magic has a working temperature of -22°F and application rates are reduced by 30% to 50% compared to Rock Salt.


  • Original Magic is safer on concrete, helping to prevent spalling.

  • Original Magic is pet friendly.

  • Unlike calcium chloride and ordinary rock salt, Original Magic is safer for people to handle.

  • Original Magic is environmentally friendlier, releasing far less chlorides into the environment than either plain rock salt or calcium chloride.


Packaged Original Magic

Original Magic is also available in pre-packaged 10 pound jugs, 50 pound bags and 50 pound buckets.

​Bags and buckets are convenient for use on sidewalks and steps, and other areas not accessible by truck. Bags and buckets are relatively easy to transport, inventory and distribute. Because of these features, some contractors rely heavily on packaged products, especially in urban areas. They are shipped in the following quantities:


(4)-10 pound jugs/case

(49)-50 pound bags/pallet

(36)-50 pound buckets/pallet

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